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    CoLauncher is site where you can buy and sell websites. But, there is a catch. No money exchanges hands in these deals. That's right. Entrepreneurs on CoLauncher are giving away their businesses for free.

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    Why? Many web entrepreneurs have great ideas and are able to get them started. But, to bring a site to its full potential often requires another type of entrepreneur. Financial resources and connections usually play a big role in allowing a new site or app or idea to become mainstream. On CoLauncher.com we help connect these two types of entrepreneurs and create win-win situations.

    The founders who are giving away their site keep an equity share in the company. The new owner (who can take the site to the next level) gets a great site for free and an opportunity to take it big. Everyone walks away happy. So, start exploring...

  • Listings

    Image 02 Want to grow a site to the next level? Below are sites that are looking for a new owner...for free!

    www.JumpStartCity.com   (Offer Pending)
    Social crowdfunding platform that has raised over $60,000 in the first eight weeks. Read more...

    Over 600 businesses listed in this "reverse" vacation directory. Read more...

    Universal wedding registry service with 3 years of history. Read more...

    Fully developed card game. Both website and physical product. Read more...

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    Want to list your site on CoLauncher? If you have a website or online business that you'd like to give away we'd love to have you on CoLauncher. Here is what you'll need to do to get listed:

    1) Send an email to mark@colauncher.com including the following information:
    2) Name of Business
    3) Web Address
    4) Short Summary (200 characters or less)
    5) Long Description (no limit). In this you'll need to include your contact information as well as your minimum terms that you'll consider for an offer.

    Right now we are in the beta stage of CoLauncher, so listing your site is completely free. Jump on board early to take advantage of this great opportunity.

    Got questions? We'll be happy to help you figure out what makes sense for your listing. Email us at: mark@colauncher.com.

  • About the Founder

    Mark Baker

    I am a entrepreneur to the core. I love thinking up new and innovative businesses and bringing them from the idea stage to a reality. I have started a number of web businesses in my career and am excited to help other entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level. CoLauncher is a site that I see being a great tool for many entrepreneurs like myself. Often, just having a great idea and a lot of resolve isn't enough to take a great idea to its fullest potential. I envision this platform becoming a place that links up creative people with different skill sets so that together they can turn great ideas into amazing successes!

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    Email: mark@colauncher.com